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Jumbo Tabs – Slow Release Fertilizer

  • Contains every nutrient for tree, shrub and vine for healthy growth and produce high quality fruits.
  • Very easy to use on horticultural or garden pots.
  • Nutrients are slowly released around the root zone for about 6 months.
  • Each tablet weighs approximately is 27g
Formula (%):
Crop N P205 K2O MgO (Mg) Etc.
Chilli, grape vine, shrubs and horticultural crop 13 7 7 5 (3.0) Micro elements
Durian, Apple, Mango, Palm Oil, Fruit tree 13 11 22 5 (3.0)

Magnesium Sulphate

Type : Water Soluble Straights Brand : MagSul®FORT Appearance : White Crystals Packing : 25 Kg

Monoammonium Phosphate – MAP 12-61-0

Type : Water Soluble Straights Brand : MAP ADFERT Appearance : White Crystals Packing : 25 Kg

Monopotassium Phosphate – MKP 0-52-34

Type : Water Soluble Straights Brand : MKP ADFERT Appearance : White Crystals Packing : 25 Kg

Nutri Bubble – Trace Elements in Effervescent Tablet

  • Contains 8 different micro elements and K altogether.
  • EDTA chelate from of micro elements is the most suitable and ideal from for foliar irrigation application because it helps:
    • Nutrients have higher solubility in water and faster mobility in crop
    • To control and manage the exact dosage of nutrients
    • Application with small dosage, gives very high efficacy
  • Promotes formation of chlorophyll which helps increase fruit set percentage.
  • Prevents and recovers any problem caused by deficiency of micro elements.
  • Increases plant’s tolerance to environmental stresses such as drought, cold and high temperature.
  • Highly concentrated micro elements promote healthy crop growth.
  • Each tablet weighs exactly 4g, so you don’t need to weigh.
  • Dissolves within 2-3 min and no stirring is necessary: save labor cost.
Formula (%):
Guaranteed Analysis % PER KG
Potassium (K) as carbonate 10.29% 102.9g
Potassium (K2O) as carbonate 12.4% 104g
Magnesium (Mg) as oxide 0.8% 80g
Zinc (Zn) as EDTA 2.35% 23.5g
Manganese (Mn) as EDTA 2.44% 24.4g
Copper (Cu) as EDTA 0.15% 1.5g
Boron (B) as boric acid 1.3% 13g
Molybdenum (Mo) as sodium molybdate 0.04% 0.4g
Crops Application Dosage Frequency
All Crops Foliar 2,000x - 4,000x dilution ratio Every 10 to 15days
Fertigation 0.5 - 1.0kg/ha (0.2 - 0.4kg/acre) Every 3 weeks

Potassium Nitrate

Type : Water Soluble Straights Brand : PotNit Appearance : White Crystals Packing : 25 Kg