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K-Mini Atak – Impact Sprinklers

With its single grooved wing, it provides the opportunity to distribute the water more homogeneously. With its varied nozzle diameters, it provides different irrigation options according to the product and soil structure. With its nozzle patent design, the feature of different flow adjustment is ensured on a single nozzle.  

Pars – Impact Sprinklers

Among the other sprinkler heads within its group, it stands out with its different body design. The exposure to unfavorable weather conditions is minimized.

SP-PAL 001 12-15m diameter Plastic – full circle

Size: 1/2 inch Packing: 10 / Bag, 250 / Box Remarks: 12 ~ 15 meters  / 1.5 ~ 2 bar / 400 ~ 600 L/H