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Irrigation Pack

  • As Long As You Have A Water Tank 1.2 M Elevated From The Ground; Everything Else Is Included In The Box
  • No Need For A Separate Pump
  • Covers Up To 300 M2
  • Easy Assembly
  • Uniform Supply By Drip Irrigation
  • Reusable For The Next Season (Only Replacing The Drip Tape)
  • Drip Tape Included: 0.77 L/hr (At 1.2 M Height Of The Water Tank) - 30 Cm Distance Between Emitters

Ring type off take

Size: 16mm Application: Drip Tape --- LD 16 or Grommet to PE pipe

Tape to tape connector valve

Size: 16mm Application: connect 16mm to LD pipe to 16mm LD pipe

Valve off take

Size: 16mm Application: Drip tape -- At start or end of drip line